Hope Rising 5-day Summer Program (Program Only–no additional costs)

Hope Rising 5-day Summer Program (Program Only–no additional costs)

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As school years come to a close, enroll your young dreamers in our Hope Rising Summer Program!

Hope Rising is an-hour-a-day, 5 day summer program, designed for students to meet dreamers from all over the world, in their age category. Together and led by Dreamline trained youth mentors, the students are invited to think about what really matters to them, get creative, take action, and have fun. 

  • This package includes
    • 6.25 hours of instruction led by Dreamline professionals where they will
      • Meet other students in small groups (small groups meet in an approx. 12:1 student to staff ratio)
      • Play engaging, active games to the get body and mind ready to dream
      • Connect with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and discover what role they plan in their own lives
      • Create a digital Dream Banner to share in our groups and with the world through our Dreamline Gallery
    • Invitations to join our Hope Rising online groups and our Global Dream Festival at the summer's end. (Date TBD)

We hope you join us this summer! Using our chart below, find the age group your child belongs in and the session they are signing up for. Select the same options from our dropdown menu to continue with registration. 


Elementary (9-11 years)

Middle School (12-14 years)

Session I: 

June 22-26

12:00-1:15 EDT (UTC-4)

2:00-3:15 EDT (UTC-4)

Session II: 

July 6-10

12:00-1:15 EDT (UTC-4)

2:00-3:15 EDT (UTC-4)

Session III: 

July 20-24

12:00-1:15 EDT(UTC-4)

2:00-3:15 EDT (UTC-4)

Session IV: 

Aug 3-7

12:00-1:15 EDT (UTC-4)

2:00-3:15 EDT (UTC-4)

(All times are in Eastern Daylight Time which is UTC or GMT -4)