About Dreamline World Outfitters

Dreamline World Outfitters (DWO) is the official online store for Dreamline. We offer materials and services to create dream-focused programming in schools across the globe- these programs are what Dreamline is based upon. In addition, we offer merchandise to represent the mission and show others you are a dreamer.

About Dreamline

Dreamline is a simple, powerful program that works everywhere and with every age. We align dreams with values, actions with dreams, and people who want to make a difference. Our program has inspired tens of thousands of students, in 43 states of the USA and in 38 other countries, to move in the direction of their dreams together

Jeffrey Harlan, the founder of Dreamline, has seen the power and reach of inviting students to express and connect their dreams. Hear from him below for more information and how you can become more involved: